Bild & Brushes


First i'm gonna sleep for 3 days.^^

But it's kinda sad because i won't get to see evertbody for 6 long weeks.


I was on a classtrip last week.

We were in berlin for 5 days.

It's soooo big xD

We had our own little huts for groups of 7.

I only one night slept at my own^^


I had a big birthday party yesterday :D

So cool xD


I think i'm gonna call some friends now and ask them if we go out drinking

 Bye bye

1.7.09 22:41


Woaaaah so long since I last wrote...

I were at a party last saturday...

It was okay but most of the people were younger than me so i felt reaaally old.

This week we just have school on wednesday, so we gonna meet again on thursday.

Today I'm staying at my friends house.

We probably just watch TV and get faaaat.^^

Bye bye

18.5.09 17:53

I started a diet 1 week ago.

I already lost 2 kilos!

I'm soooooo happy :D

I'm sure i'm able to lose 5 kilos till summer.

But i'm sooooo hungry :/


The last few day i often met with my classmates.

I went shiopping with them and they dressed me up in totally diffrent clothes than my normal clothes^^

But it didn't look thaat bad.

Tomorrow will be a booooring day -.-

All my friends have something to except me...

I'll just stay at home and play games.

I'm gonna get ready to meet some freinds now



8.5.09 18:54

aaaaaaah talked to my friend again.

We had a big fight over nothing but now we're friends again.

Feels good.


These holidays are sooooo boring.

All my friends are on vacation and i'm here sleeping till 6 pm and watching anime till 10 am.

I have to go on a diet. Summer is comming and i'm sitting here eating all night long.

I hate it!

I'm going to go out tomorrow after 5 days in my.It may be just going to the supermarket but at least i AM going out.

I bet i'm looking like a corpse already but i'm affraid of looking in the mirrow.

I have to go on watching anime so 

Bye bye

16.4.09 01:58

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